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In Saka year 1452, in the reign of Krsnappa !s ayaka, many
jewels were presented to the deity, a night of steps and
mandapa were built in his name in the KaverT, and Kuinara
Narasiniha Vadhfila Desika was requested to worship and
adorn the deity in every way.

KZjihlugu, p. 150.


Then, Tirumalaraya, and Venkataraya * younger brothers
of Raniappaya ruled over the territory which was under the
Rayas several years before. Having defeated all the hostile
Muhammad an armies, which invaded their kingdom from the
north, and destroyed the enemies in every place, they ruled the
country with ^Lnegondi and Oandragiri as their respective

Account of the. tfarapati Kings : L,R. 50, p. 316.

200(00.   SRIRANGA I.

After the death of Tirumaladeva Slaharaya, his second
eon, Snrangaraya, was crowned king at Pemxgo^da, where he
began to rule. Raghavaraja, (Ramaraja ?) one of his brothers,
was governing Srirangapattanam ; and another brother,
Venkatapatiraj a was ruling at CandragirL

Pottapinadxi iu the Siddhavatam slma which was included
in the Udayagiri rajya was directly under the government of
^rlranga, whereas PulugulanadUt formed part of Candragiri-
r&jya of which Venkatapatiraya was the governor. At the
time of the death of Srirangaraya in S. S. 1510, Sarvadhari
(AJX 1588-89), MahamandalMvara Kondrajii Tirupatiraju was
administering Siddhavatam slma with PottapinaAu on his

Kvijiyat a/CittiiTeti'.L. R, 23, p. 189

In Saka 1490 Vibhava the coronation of Siiranganayakulu
was celebrated in Penugo$da,f and he granted the magtyi of

rw***^.^* referred to IE this extract is not RamarSja's ycnnger brother, but a
—v-----j i. e», the son of Ms younger brother Tirnmala.
fThis dat« is tob early for the coronation of ^riraftga ; tht coronation o
f*th«TinaaiUa tool pltct only in ^ S. 1493.